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what is the condition of climate change impact in world ?

Especially in world climate change issue is serious. all country of the world attract in the cop 21 programme. cause of climate change is systemic problem. problem by capitalist market, our lifestyle and transportation, energy sector, and all politics. underline specially in our point of view thinking in 21 centuries nations each countries are in their national interest. that’s why so many activists are in here. so many leaders from their countries speech’s to change the thinking in global prospective . and take care as a interdependent and interconnected. so that this conference is powerful. I am here as a global green to think as a globe.

Are you satisfy with the activities of the conference ?

I am not satisfied yet. I look for to become satisfy by the another week. I hope the positive agreement and we can be proud of it . what I seen so far a lot of disagreement.

what can do by politician to combat against climate change ?

What can do also need to do simply to low the emission. and we do that by changing the way of energy. this is big issue. activist are calling that as a dead. as a global community. damaging energy and economic system. we need to support one another developing and developed all countries as financially and capacity building, and support with every kind. we can adopt to the climate change. that is early happening. we can take support as loss and damage option as a aspect of climate change.

In this case is it right capitalist country dominate low developed country ?

in my personal view as a social justice environmental justice and human right view. we need to ensure to support low developed and affected country any way. new colonialism and exploitation are based on local wisdom and empowered communities work for them . the green politician decision to empower the locals. that will be the correct option to justice the public. what is the mission of global green ? mission of global green is simply promote greenery. control emission by using solar and green sector energy item. we support to manage lifestyle Eco-friendly. we promote reduce ante environment activities.

By amrit timalsina

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