Nov 21, 2015- American musical ensemble Solar Punch, which performs solely on solar powered instruments, is currently touring Nepal and did its second gig in the Capital on Saturday.

Headed by physicist Alan Bigelow from New York, the band entertained a crowd at Patan Durbar Square by playing mantras paying reverence to the Sun and the Earth. The band also cheered the crowd with their versions of Nepali folk songs. The four-man band is in a world tour Saurya Yatra 2015 to promote alternative and renewable sources of concert

“We were inspired to use solar energy to drive our show because of the need in this society. People are not using energy correctly; there is too much pollution, too many resources being used.” Alan Bigelow said, speaking about band’s inspiration. He added that they combined renewable technology with music to showcase how one can use off-grid solar as a way to do what they want to do.

The event was organised by Vajra academy in collaboration with Dynamic Hands and Vajra Eco-resorts. Speaking at the event, program coordinator at Vajra Academy Udit Bhatta said, “At a time when our country is facing acute energy crisis, this event has been organised to raise awareness among youths through music about their roles in promoting renewable energy to counter such problems in the future.”

Students, pedestrians, tourists and people from various walks of life attended the event.

Hydroelectricity and fossil fuel are two major energy sources for Nepal. But total electricity generated by hydro plants in the country is insufficient to meet daily demand resulting in long hours of load shedding. Nepal needs to import entire fuel requirement, which is vulnerable to international shocks.

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